5 Budget 35mm Films – 2022

by | Sep 26, 2020 | Film Chat | 0 comments

Fuji C-200

The Fuji C-200 is a colour negative roll that has been in production since the early 90’s. The C-200 offers a vivid colour palette and if you’re into shooting portraits, it will accurately recreate skin tones. This is a sharp film type perfect for street, landscape and portrait photography.

Kodak Colour Plus 200

Kodak Colour Plus is the cheapest Kodak film you will find these days and is considered a budget film, comparable to the Fuji C200 mentioned above. For anyone starting out in analog photography, this is another great place to start for its low cost and great results. The Colour Plus produces warm results whilst the C200 will boasts a more vivid end result. It’s worth mentioning these are slowly creeping up in price whilst Kodak focus on producing their higher end films so where as these used to be about £2.50 a roll (2019), expect to pay about £5 for them these days.

Fuji Superia 200/400

I’ve been shooting this film since the early days of my analog career. This was back when Jessops would throw you a free roll at you if you developed your film with them. It’s definitely not considered professional grade but if you’re looking for a cheap roll of film that produces consistently great photos, then put your money on this. If you’re looking to get into portrait photography, I’d probably avoid this film and go with something like Kodak Portra or even the C200, if you’re on a budget. I’ve personally used this for lots of candid, street and landscape photography and just general everyday use and it’s held up it’s end of the deal countless times. This roll comes in either 24 or 36 exposures.

Ilford XP2 (Black And White)

Getting black and white film developed these days is harder than it used to be and a lengthy process so when I was first enlightened about XP2, I bought a whole bag of the stuff and went crazy! The unique feature about XP2 is that It produces black and white images but gets developed through the C-41 process, the same as a colour roll would. This makes XP2 a cost effective way of shooting black and white without the inevitable two week wait to get your roll back from being hand developed and at the same time still producing great results. This film comes in 24 & 36 exposures.

Kodak Ultramax

Ultramax is a perfect everyday film suited for shooting in daylight with super vibrant results. I’ve mainly shot landscapes whilst travelling abroad with Ultramax but I’ve also put it to the test with everyday street photography, it’s even produced some portraits in London town. You’ll find it’s one of the consumer film’s which doesn’t make skin tones garishly red and produces some similar to life results. This is a great all rounder which comes with either 24 or 36 exposures.


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