9 Gifts For A Film Photographer

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We all know the struggle of knowing what gifts to buy our friends and family at Christmas so we’ve put together some options for you to take the stress away. We’ve selected items from independent companies so not only will you be getting a great, unique gift for your loved one, you will also be supporting an indie business which is another gift in itself!


DSC 0198

This one is a no brainer, film photographers need to film to shoot. Luckily these days there is a massive range of film to pick from whether it’s black & white, colour, 35mm or 120. You can’t go wrong with Kodak Gold, it’s going to work in pretty much every 35mm camera and will produce dreamy and warm pictures.

Film Development

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Another no brainer is a gift card to get some film developed, there’s no better better feeling than getting your pictures back from the lab and seeing your precious memories from the past few months. We would recommend Traia Lab here, you can get gift cards from either £10, £25 or £50.

A New Camera


Maybe you know someone that wants to get into film photography or is looking for a new camera. We have a range of cameras that could be the perfect gift. If someone is new to film photography, we would recommend the Canon AF-7 as it’s super easy to use, has a massive viewfinder and takes amazing pictures. You can view our current range in the store.

Film Development Kit

the ultimate film developing starter kit includes chemicals 941498 1280x


Learning to develop your own film is an incredibly fun and rewarding process that you can come to back time and time again. Analogue Wonderland have the perfect starter kit by Ilford to get someone going, not only is this a great gift but it’s an awesome investment.


The Atmosphere Of Crime 1957 3 558x558 1

There’s nothing more I love doing than either reading a biography of my favourite photographer or flicking through their photobook for inspiration. There are 1000’s of amazing books out there that will cover all topics and manners of photography but my current recommendation would be Gordon Parks – The Atmosphere Of Crime from Parallax Photographic.

Film T-shirts

A simple and easy idea that’s always a winner, support your local lab and grab a t-shirt.We personally love the Gulabi black and pink t-shirt.


DSC02550 2048x

Take It Easy have always had a strong merch game and we love this hat from their range and think it would make a great gift – Grab it here.

Camera Cleaning Kit

rollei camera cleaning kit travel 427194 1800x1800

Film Cameras need lots of love, care and attention which involves regular cleaning. Safelight Berlin have the perfect answer for this with the Rollei Camera Cleaning kit.


Image by Chris Taylor

Finally, Prints! Find out which photographers your loved one is interested in, find their Instagram and buy prints directly from their shop. This will not only make a great gift but will support the artist.


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