Feature Friday – Bronte Spence (bcaptura_)

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Interviews & Features | 0 comments

I’ve been following you for quite a while now and I love your shots of New Zealand, what’s it like to shoot there?

As you know New Zealand is extremely photogenic so it’s a pleasure shooting here, I feel so lucky everyday to be here (due to the current covid situation) I also think it has the most incredible golden hour, I often repeat myself to anyone who will listen as it gets to that time in the evening “Oh, would you just look at that lighting” and kick myself if I don’t have a camera close by.

How long have you been shooting with film and what aspects of shooting film do you enjoy the most?

I first shot with film in college 7 years ago, left it alone after that and stuck to digital… then rediscovered and started collecting around 2 years ago, and my first camera (point and shoot was my trusty little Olympus trip 35. I love that you have to work for your shots, I adore the whole process ~yes cliché I know~ loading up, winding on, unloading, developing… the work you put in for your images makes the finished results really worth it and special, even the mistakes… i get so excited with the happy accidents when you receive creative/abstract images from your rolls.

I get the sense you love an adventure, what does shooting film whilst exploring new places mean to you?

It lets you relive the memory and feeling of exploring a new place when going through the developing process, instead of flicking through digital pictures you have taken that day, you momentarily forget (apart from those shots that you get real excited about) and then you get to live it again with some surprises, for me shooting film captures the light and the mood the way you remember.

How long have you been shooting film and has your relationship with it changed at all from when you started to now?

Around 2 years, I love that I am always learning when it comes to shooting film, it keeps my mind stimulated whilst researching and finding new film stocks to use it’s just a wonderful way to be creative with your photography however it’s an expensive hobby which is ~sometimes~ difficult whilst on a travelling budget! I love how it’s expanded my eye and even the most mundane scenes or objects can be made into something creative and interesting.

I can see you use a couple of different cameras, what’s your favourite?

Because I’ve lived quite a nomadic life for the past few years, I started a collection of SLR cameras but put them into storage and I just travel with a few point and shoots, Olympus AF10 and Olympus MJU (easy and convenient) whilst hiking, living the van life etc. I love my (sorry about sounding like a broken record) Olympus trip 35 because it holds sentimental value and the fact there is no batteries required because of the solar-powered selenium light meter which is so handy!

What advice would you give to anyone looking to get into shooting film?

By all means I have a lot to learn my self and always looking for new tips and advice but be patient and keep an open mind you may not get the results you want on your first roll but no matter how your shots turn out work with them and stick with it and get creative!

Who are your top 3 favourite photographers at the moment?

When I first found my interest for photography I obsessed over the work of legendary Diane Arbus who was active during the 1960s photographing the weird and wonderful, but 3 photographers I’ve recently found on the wonderful platform of Instagram (there are so many talented photographers so this is hard to choose) @toby.harvard, @kviii_film and @tevac, every other day I find new beings giving us those heavenly colour palettes and tones! I love seeing people support those photographers that are just starting out and giving each other the confidence to carry on!

You can follow Bronte on Instagram here.


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