Feature Friday – Laura McNeish

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I’ve been following Laura for a few years now and not only is she a funny and down to earth, she is an extremely talented photographer. Her intimate portraits and landscapes of New Zealand will surely make you want to get up and go outside and get shooting.

Laura was kind enough to give us some of her time and answer some questions. If you don’t already, follow her on Facebook & Instagram.

I’ve been following you for a few years now and I love your shots of New Zealand, what’s it like to shoot there?

Abundantly beautiful! I feel so lucky to be live in such a place that is abundant with diverse landscapes, although we are such a young country in terms of our history so we maybe don’t have ruins or buildings that are particularly photogenic but we make up for it in our natural landscapes.

How long have you been shooting with film and what aspects of shooting film do you enjoy the most?

I started in February 2017 – I went to Melbourne for a weekend and wanted to capture it with something other than an iphone, once I got the film back I was addicted. I think there is something very soft and natural about film compared to digital – the colours and grain are definitely my favourite aspect to film photography.

Your photos suggest you have a strong sense of adventure, what does being on the road and exploring mean to you?

Its only my favourite thing to do! Haha but seriously I think humans are natural wanderers and have a deep connection to nature that probably stems back to our hunter-gathering days. Living in a city, in modern society, I think we can easily lose touch to our connection to nature, luckily New Zealand is a place where nature easily accessible and not too crowded either so that connection is a deep and authentic one.

What do you prefer, mountains or the beach?

The beach I think, although mountains have their own unique presence I grew up by the ocean so the beach is always a special place for me.

Naturally, shooting portraits is a completely different experience to shooting landscapes, what different elements do you enjoy about the two?

I love portrait photography but I would say I struggle with it, only because I’m naturally a more introverted person so directing people around does not come naturally to me but each person has their own unique beauty to bring to the table and if I capture that, its a gift for me and them too. In terms of landscapes being able to reflect the beauty I see in a photo is the most satisfying part.

What was your first film camera and what are you using these days?

My trusty Canon-AE1 of course! I have had it since the beginning – we have a strong bond!

How do you think shooting film has changed since you started?

Over the four years, its completely blossomed and taken over the market! I’m all for it I’d say, I also love seeing trends pop up every now and again like at the moment using an out of focus foreground is something I’m experimenting with or really sparkly portraits (I’m not sure how to describe it, but people using sparkles and light reflections).

And finally, who are your 3 favorite photographers at the moment?

Well I’ve always loved your stuff – I think we have a similar treatment, Petra Collins is always Iconic & I’m loving Sonia Davis’ landscapes & colour treatment – her work is stunning!

Again, if you don’t follow Laura, you can by clicking here.


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