How To Load Film Into Your Point And Shoot Camera

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Tutorials | 0 comments

Loading film into your point and shoot camera is super easy and for the most part, the camera does the work for you. The process is also pretty much the same for the majority of cameras out there that have automatic winding so consider this a generic tutorial.

Start off by opening the back of your camera and place your film in the film slot, pull the leader out of the film canister, leaving enough slack that you can vertically insert it into the opposite side of the camera, this is usually marked with a little logo of a film leader and an arrow showing where it should go.

Just placing the film flat next to the loading arrow is sufficient for most cameras, you don’t need to wind it on or insert it into any grooves. Close the back of the camera and it will either “whir” for a while or it will require you to fire a few shots to get the film in position one, it all depends on the model but it’s likely it will do it automatically.

If you’ve heard the camera “whir” and it’s still showing position 0 on the frame counter, it probably hasn’t caught on properly so you may need to try it again. Some cameras have a very specific sweet spot where it wants the leader to sit so it may require some experimenting to find that.

When the film is finished, it should automatically rewind it into the canister for you. Some models may not have this feature, in case of this there is a usually a rewind button on the camera which looks like the rewind logo on a VCR or this:

Once the film is fully rewound, this means the film is fully light tight and ready to be developed. Make sure you wait until the camera is completely silent before removing the roll or loading a new roll.

In our experience, especially with point and shoot cameras, you might get an extra frame than the roll suggests you will which is always a nice treat!


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